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These small tin box kits are so fun to make and they look so good when done!


So Glad You're Here...

We created the mouse house during 2020 when the world shut down due to covid. My Husband was laid off and we had too much time on our hands. I had been wanting to create a mouse house inspired by the several mouse houses you can find at the Magic House in Kirkwood, MO.


Now was the time, my husband agreed to cut a hole in a perfectly good wall and the Mouse House magic began! Follow our adventures on instagram as we create new rooms for our mouse house.

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We used this foam balls to make the eye balls in our halloween potion bottles.

We used these to make our halloween potion bottles.

We used this in our Halloween room and thanksgiving room.

We used this mantle in our Christmas room and Halloween room, we painted it black for the Halloween room.

We used these to make our halloween potion bottles.

We used one of these pucks on the inside of the mouse house to light it up.

Sculpey is great for making custom miniature items that you can't find anywhere.

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